Image of the pudding


This snack is filled with fibre, protein, folate, vitamin B6, and more potassium than bananas!

This is another staple in our home. While pregnant I was craving chocolate and for the last three months of my second pregnancy I had pyrex dishes stacked in the fridge. It is easy to double and have individual servings for later. Top them with whatever superfoods you have in the house. Frozen or fresh berries, chia seeds, hemp hearts and pumpkin seeds are some of our favourite toppings.


Avocado was one of my son’s first foods and is great for pregnant women. Avocados help regulate blood sugar, boost the immune system, promote healthy bones and help maintain a healthy blood pressure.  


2 medium or 3 small avocados


¼ cup of cocoa powder


¼ maple syrup


Pinch of salt



1 scoop of Juice Plus complete shake mix


1. Scoop and pit the avocados, put them
    in your food processor

2. Add all other ingredients to food processor

3. Turn on high for one minute


4. Open food processor and scrape down
    sides, this makes sure all of the chocolate
    goodness is in the mixture


5. Turn food processor back on high for
    another minute


6. Put in serving dishes, top with what you
    love and enjoy