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Hello, I am  health coach Ashley Pharazyn. I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition  in December 2013. During my training I was taught how to help people navigate through diet and lifestyle changes so they are able to find their health and happiness. I am grateful for these skills as they helped me overcome the biggest health struggle. After years of eating loads of sugar, fast food and late nights on weekends the whispers my body had been telling me became loud and clear.

At the worst point I was covered in eczema, had between 70-80 food sensitivities and allergies, my the lowest weight I had been in my adult life, my body was full of inflammation, I had a miscarriage and I was exhausted.

After a number of doctor visits I found my homeopathic doctor who helped show me the way to heal my body. It took years to cause the damage, and I am still healing. The difference now is that I feel strong, healthy, I can eat any food without any flare ups, I have two healthy sons and am full of energy.

If you are struggling with candida overgrowth, leaky gut and are thinking about getting pregnant, let's talk.


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